Drink Special: $3 Kingfisher Lager $4.75 Pipework’s Indoor Waterpark Hazy IPA $6 Matchbook Chardonnay

Soup: Protein: Squash and Jack Fruit  (Vegan & GF)

Veg: Vegan Chili (GF)

Side of the Day: Vegan Cucumber Ranch Salad * Contains Nuts   (GF )

Burger special: Figgy Burger- Grass fed Beef Burger on a toasted Bun topped with Goat Cheese, house Fig Spread, Sliced Green Apple, Arugula, Garlic Herb Lemon Aioli, Tomato, Pickled Red Onions, Balsamic Reduction and Alfalfa Sprouts

Vegan special : Chicago Dog Sandwich- Grilled Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage on Farmhouse White Bread with Vegan Cheese, Tomato, Celery Seed, Spinach,  Roasted Red peppers, house Pickles. Red Onions, Dijon Mustard and Jalapenos

Dessert:    Vegan Pumpkin Cake ( Vegan & GF)  or Peanut Butter Freezer Bars (V & GF)

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