Drafts: $3.50 GTS Watermelon Wonder & Golden Pineapple Kombucha
$5.50 GTS Cannabliss Pineapple Kombucha CBD

Side of the Day: Mediterranean orzo pasta salad( Vegan)

Soup: Pumpkin/Purple Sweet Potato ( GF & Vegan)

Lunch Special: Shrimp Flatbread- Chipotle base topped with parmesan cheese, organic spinach, house roasted organic red peppers finished with grilled blackened shrimp, sriracha, green onions

Vegan Special: Caprese Sausage Pita- grilled beyond meat hot Italian sausage in a warm Pita with vegan cheese, organic arugula, organic tomatoes, local microgreens, balsamic reduction, pesto and organic red onion

Dessert: Vegan Pumpkin Muffin (GF) Vegan Lemon Bars (GF) Hummingbird Cake (GF)
Morning Glory Muffin (GF) Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF)

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