Drink Special:$3.50 Southern Range Deranged Red Ale $4 Untitled Florida Seltzers $5 Strawberry Mimosa

Soup: Veg: Red Pepper Curry and Bean * Made with Coconut Milk ( Vegan & GF)

Side of the Day: Vegan Ranch Pasta Salad * contains Almond Milk (Vegan )

Lunch Special:  Ahi Tuna Tacos- Grilled Ginger and Amino Acid marinated Ahi Tuna in three soft Tacos with Avocado, Arugula, Red Onion, Fresh Cilantro, shredded Carrots, Jalapeno, Sriracha and Wasabi Vegan Ranch  served with Lime Wedge

Vegan special :  The Big Vegan- Grilled Beyond Meat Burger topped with Vegan Cheese on toasted seeded Wheat Bread with house Red Pepper Herb Hummus, Spinach, Organic Alfalfa Sprouts, Shredded Carrots,  Red Onions, Tomato, Garlic Herb Lemon Aioli and house Pickles

Dessert:   Vegan Banana Nut Muffin (GF) or Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF) or Pumpkin Protein Bars (GF)

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