Drink Special: $4.50 Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn  $5Hop Butcher All sides are Green IPA

Soup: Veg: French Onion  ( Vegan & GF)

Protein:  Pumpkin Herb & Chorizo (Vegan)

Side of the Day: Vegan Ranch Cucumber Pasta Salad 8 contain Almond Milk

Lunch Special: Buffalo Shrimp Sandwich- Grilled Shrimp tossed in Texas Pete Honey Butter on a toasted Brioche Bun with Horseradish Mayo, Tomato, Celery Seed, Spinach, Alfalfa Sprouts and House Pickles

Vegan special : The BIG Vegan- Simply Plant based Burger topped with Vegan Cheese on toasted local Seeded Wheat Bread with Roasted Pepper Hummus, Vegan Mayo, Alfalfa Sprouts, shredded Carrot, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickled Jalapeno and Spinach

Dessert:   Vegan Chocolate Cake with Lemon Icing  (GF)  or Pecan Pie Bar (GF) or Vegan Carrot Cake (GF) or Pumpkin Protein Bar (GF)

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