Drink Specials: $3.50 Southern Range Deranged Red $5 Wehrloom Meadery Apple Mead DRAFT

Drafts: $3.50 GTS Gingerberry Kombucha $4.00 GTS Lemon Berry Kombucha

Side Of the Day: Lemon Orzo Pasta (Vegan)

Soup: Organic Vegetable & Turmeric Brown Rice (Vegan & GF) or Broccoli & Cheese with Smoked Turkey Bacon (GF)

Burger Special: California Burger Wrap- Grass fed Beef Burger topped with Goat Cheese in a Spinach Tortilla with Organic Avocado, Organic Arugula, Cilantro, Pickled Organic Red Onions, Spicy Garlic Red Pepper Sauce, Organic Tomatoes and Organic Alfalfa Sprouts

Vegan special: Chicago Sausage Dog Sandwich- Grilled Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage topped with Vegan Cheese on toasted White Bread with Celery Seed, Organic Jalapenos, Organic Roasted Red Peppers, Organic Red Onions, Organic Spinach, Vegan Mayo, House Pickles, Organic Tomato and Dijon Mustard

Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF) Vegan Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing (GF) Vegan Coconut Cake(GF) Vegan Lemon Bars (GF)
Lemon Berry Muffin( Vegan & GF) Banana nut Chocolate Chip (Vegan & GF) Pumpkin Protein Bar (GF) Vegan Peanut Butter Bars (GF)

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