Special:$4 Honeydew Mimosa $3 Noda Jam Session $6 Raimat Rose

Side of the Day: Herb Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Soups: French Onion (Vegan and GF) or Curry Coconut Chicken

Lunch Special: Shrimp Caesar Wrap- Grilled Shrimp in a Tortilla with Caesar Dressing, Organic Tomatoes, Organic Red Onion, Organic Romaine and Parmesan Cheese

Vegan Special: Vegan Meatball Flatbread- Sun-dried Tomato Spread, Vegan Cheese, Sliced Vegan Meatballs, Organic Red Onion, Arugula, Organic Shiitake Mushrooms and Garden Basil

Desserts: Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF) ]

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