~~~~~$1 Each Oysters Raw on the Half shell or Steamed ~~~

Drink Special: $3.50 26 Acres Flash Gordon Pumpkin $3.50 Southern Range (Monroe, NC) Tiny Ass Umbrella $5 Honeydew Mimosa

Drafts: $4 GTS Lemon Berry Kombucha $6 Amor Artis Marzen Ale $5 Southern Range Citratron IPA

Vegetable Soup: Fall Squash and Cranberry (Vegan & GF )
Protein Soup:

Side of the Day: Chili Lime Bean Salad (Vegan & GF)

Lunch Special: Ahi Tuna Wrap- Grilled Ahi Tuna in a Spinach Tortilla Wrap with Cucumber Wasabi, Fresh Basil, Organic Tomatoes, Organic shredded Carrots, Organic Red Onion, Organic Arugula, Organic Cucumber and Sriracha

Vegan special: Vegan BLT- Marinated and Grilled Organic Tempeh on toasted Farmhouse White Bread with Organic Tomatoes, Organic Avocado, organic Romaine, house Pickled Red Onions, Garlic Herb Lemon Aioli and house Pesto

Desserts: Vegan Pumpkin muffin (GF) Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF) or Vegan Lemon Bars (GF) or Vegan Zucchini Oat Muffins (GF)

~~~~~$1 Each Oysters Raw on the Half shell or Steamed ~~~

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