Our first wine dinner was dedicated to my wonderful husband, Josh, who has been by my side supporting my dream for the last 5 months. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him.

That being said I thought the dinner was a huge success. Seeing family, old friends and making new friends in the community. I love these dinners, because they bring everyone together as a family to enjoy an evening of great food and learning about wine and how each course is paired with different foods to bring out the flavors.

It also gave us, Alex and me, a chance to demonstrate our culinary passions in a bit of a break from the traditional Sprouts’ menu.  Our goal was, and is, to present a dish that appeals to the eye and the nose and satisfies the palate with rich layers of flavor that appeal to each or your taste sense.   Based on the feedback we received we were encouraged that we hit the mark.

The AFTER HOURS dining will be a monthly event and will present a wide variety of tastes and themes for you to experience.   It’s all part of our passion and adventure.

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