Drink special: $3 NoDa Cavu Blonde $2  OMB Copper $4 Honeydew Mimosa

Soup: Curry Potato ( Vegan) or Chipotle Turkey and Orzo

Lunch Special: Open Face Turkey & Pimento Cheese- grilled Sourdough Bread with melted Pimento Cheese, grilled all natural Turkey Breast, grilled all natural Turkey Bacon, green onions, Organic Romaine and Organic Tomato  finished with Sriracha

Burger Special: Vegan  Breakfast Burger Burrito- Grilled Beyond Meat Burger topped with melted vegan Mozzarella, sun-dried tomato spread, Organic Kale, Turmeric Tofu Scramble and Black Beans

Dessert: Mint Coconut Freezer Bars ( GF) or Vegan Lemon Cake ( GF) or Key Lime Bars ( GF)

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